Pastor Stacey is the Executive Pastor of Inspired Life
Church in Harrisburg, NC.  She is a native of St.
Albans, New York, and grew up under the dynamic
ministry of the late Apostle Johnnie Washington,
Senior Pastor of Tabernacle of Prayer for all
People Church located in Jamaica, New York.  She
is also a graduate of the Tabernacle Bible Institute.  

Stacey is the mother of three adult children and six
grandchildren.  Although her hands are full, she still
finds the time to enjoy life outside of ministry.  

She has been married to Pastor Johnny E. Brown II
for almost 34 years, and they enjoy working in
ministry together.

Pastor Stacey has been described by some as a no
nonsense vessel when proclaiming the word of the
Lord.  It is evidence, that the power that has been
released over her life has opened many doors for
her as she travels around the nation sharing her
life and love for the word of God.
Pastor Stacey Brown
Executive Pastor
Pastor Stacey works meticulously with her husband in ministry and business.  Together
they are proud owners of Brownstone Graphic Services and also Insight Coaching and
Leadership Development, LLC.  

Pastor Stacey is the founder and Executive Director of Daughters of Empowerment
Alliance, which is an organization that ministers to the needs of hurting women, and
women who are engaged in ministry.  She is also the backbone of the Wealthy Women
conferences, which brings women together for support, love and to encourage one

During Pastor Stacey's free time, she enjoys volunteering and tutoring students in the
local school system and conducting leadership workshops and training.  Her many
years of professional and ministry experience has inspired people all across the nation
and she doesn't shy away from any task that is given to her charge.

Pastor Stacey is an effective asset to both her community and church family.  She is
also  a woman of integrity, faith, and power.  Her life is totally dedicated to helping others
and she doesn't mind imparting what she has gained into the lives of those that
encounters her path.
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